Mobilizing the Ecllesia (Congregation) for Cultural Impact


Pastor’s undoubtedly sets the tone for the congregation (Ecllesia).¬† For this reason we know pastors must approve and support cultural (political) outreach and be aware of where their church Citizenship as Ministry teams are engaged.¬† ¬†A pastor can leave the operation up to the teams leaders and their co-laborers but considering the intensity of the battlefield these fellow servants are entering they need to know their pastors have their back.

The selection of the initial Team Leader should be considered and approved by the lead pastor or his designated associate.    As time passes and the Citizenship as Ministry teams gain traction and mature, new leaders will naturally arise who are prepared to occupy different team operations.

Some potential considerations in selecting Citizenship as Ministry Team leaders:

A leader who is reputable and trustworthy whom you personally respect and trust to be accountable.

All team leaders and co-laborers should be:

  1. Called:            Has a conviction and passion about our responsibility to Godly citizenship..
  2. Capable:         Has leadership skills, people skills and experience to be a relentless advocate for Judeo-Christian values.
  3. Committed:    Is equipped to make this a ministry a priority to assure its effectiveness).

Team leaders should be ready to communicate with you regularly to keep you and your staff apprised of what is happening in the church-community both within and without your home fellowship and in the culture and government.

Team leaders must be ready to learn and innovate.  They must understand this is a group effort by those within the entire body of Christ called to this effort.  To be humble servants when required and fearless leaders as is need, to be Salt and Light preserving our communities and illuminating our state. .

The Hawaii Pastor Alliance using the separate Ecllesia Alliance ***Citizenship as Ministry program is prepared to equip all volunteers for this ministry in the essentials of conducting effective cultural engagement.   Furthermore we are committed to do this is multiple churches (at an off-site location) to simultaneously build a broad grass-roots base. 

PLEASE NOTE:¬†Pastor, this ministry will only be as effective as its visible, regular support by you from the pulpit. If it operates as an ‚Äúunwanted stepchild‚ÄĚ ministry it will flounder and become a frustration to you and to those serving in it.

Conducting Effective Voter Awareness and Turnout Activities

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  Mathew 28:18

The authority for impacting our state and communities has been given to us by the Lord Jesus.  Voting in a Constitutional Republic is a necessary action for obeying this command that also carries the promise of both electing Godly leaders and influencing those in office in a manner that the bible says will bring rejoicing to our communities! (Proverbs 29:2)



To maximize the number of citizens in each church who are verified to have voted in each election with a goal toward 100 percent.

Suggested Plan

One.¬†Place ‚ÄúFaithVotes‚ÄĚ or similar inserts into the bulletins to be distributed for the services on the Sunday before the election or when early voting begins.

Two. Set up an information table in the foyer staffed by the Citizenship Ministry team to answer questions about voting locations and other related issues.

  1. Have list of voting/caucus locations in the community available.
  2. Have a sign up sheet for those interested in staying informed on important moral and policy issues.

Three. Include a special PowerPoint slide in your pre and post service screen presentations designed to increase awareness and encourage participation.

Four.¬†At an appropriate time during the worship service, the Senior Pastor should discuss the importance of voting responsibly. He could then ask each person who is an eligible voter to be willing to make a commitment to vote, and ‚ÄúStand for Righteousness‚ÄĚ by voting in each election according to Biblical principles.

  1. To be effective, the senior pastor must LEAD in promoting godly citizenship and Biblical obedience.  Again, Pastoral leadership is SCRIPTURAL, ESSENTIAL and EFFECTIVE!

Five. Distribute non-partisan voter guides or other voter education materials*:

  1. As church bulletin inserts, or
  2. At the doors as people leave the service, or
  3. By mailing directly to the church list


Recommended action items

One. The Senior Pastor can record a 30 second message again urging participation and use an automated phone tree system to contact each church household prior to the election and/or caucus. (sample script available)

  1. Scripting can be prepared by the Pastor, CMD or acquired from the Hawaii Pastor Alliance

Two. Have list of polling locations and extra voter guides available at the church on Election Day.

Three. Citizenship as Ministry team could also coordinate childcare and transportation for those with such needs.


The task of increasing the informed voter turnout in your church is one of the most essential responsibilities of the Christian Citizenship Ministry. Remember that elections are won and lost in the margins Рvery often by 1 or 2 percentage points or even a few votes. Every vote makes a difference, and every follower of Christ who is an eligible voter has a duty to participate every time!

OVERVIEW: Every American Christian who is eligible to vote does so either:

By default (failing to vote and allowing elected officials to be chosen by those who do not share the same values),

Carelessly by voting out of ignorance or selfishness choosing ungodly or unrighteous leaders, or

Becoming informed about candidates’ positions on key issues, praying and casting the vote in a way consistent with Biblical principles.

Most pastors would agree that options A and B are poor stewardship and have led to ungodly, unjust and corrupt leaders being chosen, resulting in unrighteous government. It is still an accepted statistic that generally no more than one-third of churchgoing citizens vote in each election, a fact of which we should be ashamed.

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