Hawaii Pastors Alliance


The Hawaii Pastor Alliance ** Uniting for Cultural Impact


The Church with all its cultural and ethnic diversity is the greatest force for good when built around the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ and guided by Gods Word.

Pastor who have chosen to work for the King of Kings can demonstrate, through the blessing God has poured out through their effort, the power of the gospel to impact their own lives, the life of their parishioners and to build healthy and vibrant fellowships. 

This same gospel power can be applied to the Culture At Large when pastors model this truth by uniting in this effort and allow the natural outcome of this stand for righteousness to affirm and inspire the same dedication in the life of their fellowships. 

We believe this a more “caught then taught” process though their is a precise structure we have incorporated into the Hawaii Pastor Alliance and we see the need for individuals in churches to be familiar with and confident in the realm of active citizenship and civic engagement.

Therefore the  Hawaii Pastor Alliance in affiliation with the US Pastor Council based in Houston Texas is here to assist pastors and church leaders in working towards cultural renewal in our state and nation.      

Our culture will rise or fall based on our actions.  The growth and success of Godly principals designed to bless our state for this and future generations can be achieved if we choose to engage the culture through prayer, unity and action.



The Pastor Alliance Mission Objectives


1) To promote unity among island pastors around the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.

2) To incorporate through prayer and deliberation a force for cultural virtue, able to influence our community and state far beyond what individual churches or denominations could achieve on their own.

3) To be vigilant to promote fellowship and allow pastors to get to know other pastors from different denominations, ethnic groups and cultural traditions outside of their normal sphere of influence.

4) To build, through faith, an expectation of God’s leading and guidance to effectively promote the blessings of Christian influence in culture and politics.

5) To fully support pastors in the development of Citizenship as Ministry teams within their churches and help to achieve the goals stated within the Declaration of Godly Principals, for the full participation, among all Believers, in the maintenance of civil government and promotion of a just society.

6) To assist in the communication and the technology needed to interconnect the Citizenship as Ministry teams, from the different Hawaii Pastor Alliance churches, for cultural/political impact both within the individual teams and to link different church teams, as needed, throughout the island for unified action.

7) To recognize all pastors as established leaders and through unity combine the force of these capabilities and, by illustration, promote these same skill sets within their fellowship’s, laying the ground work for lasting impact on our culture and state.