Hawaii Pastors Alliance


A Time To Take Action!

The Hawaii Pastor Alliance in affiliation with the US Pastor Council based in Houston Texas is here to assist pastors and church leaders in working towards cultural renewal in our state and nation.      

Our culture will rise or fall based on our actions.   

Pastor’s have an incredible opportunity for the growth and success of Godly principals designed to bless our state for this and future generations.

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. 

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost

Mathew 28:18-19




There is no doubt the biblical mandate to preach the gospel goes against cultural/political authorities who would say “Don’t” in our own time just as it has in the past.

Contained within scripture is the framework of all that is needed to bless both our state and culture by living out the precepts of our Judeo-Christian faith.

The message of scripture is the greatest source of cultural transformation given to humanity!

The cross of Jesus Christ has transformed world history in far more ways than can be articulated.  Our freedom, purpose, prosperity and blessed hope are all contained in the power of this greatest of all act of self sacrifice.

Obviously, our unity and common bond is forged on  this tremendous fact!

Pastors are the leaders of their fellowship and set the tone for their flock.   If they stand afar off from culture and politics this sends a message of isolation from the rigors of the cultural/political battle.

But, by standing united, a message is sent that the authority contained within the Biblical mandate is as true in our time, as in any other and that pastors will gather together in alliance to build both the spiritual and physical organization needed to carry this message forward.

That sends a powerful message that the spiritual and physical condition of our state and culture is as important to us as we know it is to our Lord!

This is why understanding the importance and inherent power of organization is so critical to our battle to restore Godly values to our state.    Organizational structure, such as the Hawaii Pastors Alliance, is designed to deal with the complexities of human life and emotion and as such there is a natural dynamic to its development.   But, designed properly, with the goal of bringing like-mined people together, this Alliance can enhance both the life of the individual and the life of our culture.

Imagine pastors meeting on a regular basis within a properly structured and financed “civic association” that gives each pastor a chance to input their unique insight and encourage team work to lay the foundation for cultural/political renewal.    Pastors, as a group, already understand the frustration and joy of counseling with groups and with individuals in helping them “overcome” the challenges of life.  Think of what a team of pastors could do, utilizing this same passion and insight, when working in alliance to help our culture overcome the injustice and deception holding our state back from God’s full blessing!



A Time For Renewal and Reformation!



Renewal and reformation bearing the fruit of holiness and justice:

Our nation was established on the principal that all humanity is equal and accountable to our Maker.

Our Constitutional Republic reflect perhaps the highest concept of governing, in a fallen world, over people who are made in the image of God!

All this is the result of centuries of the gospel impacting human awareness and is intricately connect to biblical literacy and understanding.

This is why the founders were so adamant about Judeo-Christian teaching being necessary to maintain our Republic.

Without which it cannot long stand.

One could say the default setting of government is corruption, but with Judeo-Christian values being expressed by Godly citizenship, there is the salt and light necessary to maintain the blessing of self government and liberty.

If we are renewed in our commitment to this principal who knows what other benefits and blessing may follow?

Finding a way to renew and rebuild Godly citizenship and civic involvement in our church and community will bless congregations and citizens alike!



A Revival of Godly Citizenship



The Hawaii Pastors Alliance intersects with Hawaii’s culture and politics by the following agenda:

  • Step out in the faith that God is a redeemer of individual people, cultures and nations
  • Establish an honest political structure welcoming and empowering pastors and church lay people to assist in the work of cultural renewal.
  • Build mutual respect and trust among pastors and establish a Pastors Alliance powerful enough to face the challenges confronting the church and culture.  And, through the power of prayer and fellowship help pastors formulate the strategic plans to shepherd society towards the blessings and benefits of Judeo-Christian values.
  • Form dynamic Citizenship as Ministry teams of church lay people island and state-wide to build the grass roots base for political and cultural renewal.
  • Achieve grass roots growth through:
    • Share the vision and establish training in the organizational structure to help church lay people answering the call of Citizenship as Ministry
    • Establish person to person connections in their neighborhoods and regions.
    • Help these connections become teams through interactive forums, caucuses and a wide variety of meetings and activities.
    • Support, through these grass root connections, the election of trustworthy men and women to public office.
    • Re-establish the Discipline of Self Government as a life long habit.



What Happens  When Pastors Are In Alliance And Prepared For Battle


A Time To Stand Teaser from Big Sky Media on Vimeo



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